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This Category of our Blog is dedicated to information and the progress of the Repositioning of AIA.

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Implementation Plan

1)   Statement of Purpose – The AIA is a visionary membership organization providing advocacy, leadership and resources for architects to design a better world, through creative design solutions and  transforming goals into realities. 2)    Organizational Reassessment –

a)    Leadership tenure and agenda,

b)    Board size and composition,

c)    Component autonomy versus unity,

d)    Component structure,

e)    Lack of tier coordination,

f)     Prioritization of initiatives,

g)    Engaging emerging professionals,

h)    Passive reactiveness,

i)      Resource allocation,

j)      Inefficacy of communications.

  3)    Implementation Plan

a)    AIA Governance review, recommendations by Dec. 2013,

b)    Repositioning Ambassadors, two per region to award/administer Innovation Fund grants and provide guidance in setting AIA wide priorities,

c)    Member Service – study underway to study delivery of member benefits and services, define roles and responsibilities for resource sharing, and finalize recommendations for Board action by Spring 2014.

d)    Innovation Fund for implementation of programs addressing one of the10 recommendations.

e)    Prioritizing AIA Efforts thru member...

A Letter from 2013 AIA President Mickey Jacob, FAIA

Repositioning: Follow up and next steps

We couldn’t be happier about your participation and commitment during Grassroots. We appreciate all of the comments (and there were quite a few) about what we can do together to make the Repositioning initiative a success. It is inspiring to know we share the same passion for building a better world. Having a revitalized, relevant, and robust AIA to lead and support us in our important work is critical. During the Forum discussion at Grassroots, we called for a shift in perspective about what we can do individually and collectively to respond to the recommendations of LaPlaca Cohen and Pentagram. In the breakout discussions that followed, we underscored the areasneeding the most attention and confirmed that we can work together to sustain the momentum. As was promised, attached are additional details about three of the primary ideas that can jumpstart and expand our collective conversation about making the AIA a 21st Century organization. We know we’re a little late getting them out, but we’ve taken the time to get feedback on them from a variety of leaders,...

A message from TxA President Larry Speck, FAIA

A message from President Larry Speck, FAIA Texas Society of Architects (TxA)

May 7, 2013 RE: AIA Repositioning In order for all of our voices to be stronger and louder, the Texas Architects Board of Directors spent the better part of two days at our spring board meeting crafting a response to AIA President Mickey Jacobs' letter requesting feedback on national AIA Repositioning. Because representatives from our various AIA chapters in Texas were present at the April meeting we tried to make our response reflect a composite perspective from around the state, feeling that if we spoke with solidarity it might have consequence beyond what would come from each of us being one voice among all the chapters across the country. If your chapter could see its way clear to endorse this composite position that would be great! If you have substantial disagreement, we certainly understand. The chapter representatives in attendance at our April board meeting were key players in developing this document, speaking for the interests of your chapter, so we hope this will strike a positive chord. Please keep in mind that...

“AIA Study Reveals the Elephant in the Room” By Kirk Teske, AIA

AIA Study Reveals the Elephant in the RoomBy Kirk Teske, AIA
  “It’s more than three letters after your name.” Those are the first eight words of the new and inspirational AIA manifesto.  It’s also a subliminal acknowledgement that members currently perceive their AIA as little more than those three simple letters. You may disagree, but in a nutshell, that’s my take on the repositioning survey.  We're selling albums when the world is buying singles.  The AIA needs a major overhaul.  Thankfully our former AIA National President Jeff Potter, FAIA, was very successful in launching an opinion survey of the nation-wide membership that garnered a whopping 31,000 respondents.  The results of the repositioning study prepared by LaPlaca Cohen and Pentagram were presented at the AIA Grassroots event in March.  The results clearly unveiled the elephant in the room: dissatisfaction is ubiquitous and little value is perceived.  With the overwhelming number of respondents, AIA leaders must take action.  We must transform this organization.  This effort can either stagnate...

Video from the Joint Chapter Meeting


Video from the Joint Chapter Meeting

Here are some clips from the joint chapter meeting between AIA-Dallas and AIA-Fort Worth. These show some of the discussion centered around Repositioning and the importance of AIA to our members.              ...