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AIA Fort Worth offers monthly seminars that provide AIA members and Non-Members with opportunities to pursue Continuing Education Credits.  These events are free for members.


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We are happy to have partnered with the AIA California Council and aecKnowledge to provide more options for online continuing education. Click here for more information

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HFA Firm Crawl   May 17th 5:30- 7:30pm

420 Throckmorton, Suite 910.

Join your fellow colleagues and guests for a fun evening at our Fort Worth office for refreshments and an opportunity to experience new Virtual Reality immersion system.

HFA focuses on designing for the customer experience and providing creative solutions and meaningful places. HFA is an international Architecture & Engineering firm with a diversified portfolio. Visit the HFA website for more information –

Register here. 





Past events

October 24th at The Modern (1HSW)

Lecture by Sheila Kennedy, FAIA
MIT: Professor of Architecture
Director of Design & Applied Research: MATx
Principal: Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Ltd.

MIX MIX MAX MIN:  Shelia Kennedy’s lecture will reflect on how the changing conditions of nature in flux, digital technology and the ever-expanding built environment are shifting the material culture of architecture. Drawing from recent built work, Kennedy will present and discuss a set of material design strategies that she is developing in her practice at KVA Matx. These include the hybridization of renewable materials, the re-discovery and new deployment of ancient materials in contemporary architecture, the architectural mixing of natural, virtual and constructed ‘categories’ of matter, and design that minimizes carbon emissions and maximizes material experience.

October 10th @ Ideaworks 6-7:30pm (1.5 LU)

Patricia Ramallo, Manager of Experience + Education will present an NCARB presentation which will cover the steps to licensure, including the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) and the Architect Registration Examination (ARE), as well as the NCARB Certificate and Texas-specific requirements.

September 27th @ IdeaWorks 12-1pm (1 HSW)

Provides an overview of cement backer board, features and benefits, and versatile interior and exterior applications with a focus on exterior applications, including Cement Board Stucco Systems (CBSS) and Cement Board Masonry Veneer (CBMV). The program reviews CBSS and CBMV components and performance benefits.

Participants will be able to describe and compare three different types of cement backer board in terms of composition, characteristics and applications. Understand Cement Board Stucco System (CBSS) features and performance benefits, and compare to traditional stucco installation systems. Understand Cement Board Masonry Veneer (CMVS) features and performance benefits and compare to traditional masonry installation systems.

July 11th @ IdeaWorks


We are pleased to announce the release of SMARTreview APR, the innovative addin to Autodesk Revit that establishes an entirely new category of service for the building design community, software that automatically determines compliance of plans with the International Building Code.

In a recent magazine article, AECbytes identified our software technology as the closest to the vision of truly automated code checking. With its roots in academia and evolving from the work of Dr. Mark Clayton, Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University, SMARTreview APR is being recognized as the industry leader within the field of automated building code plan review.

We will provide one hour of HSW building code training and one-half hour of current automated plan review technology illustrated through SMARTreview APR.

May 25th, 2017 6-7:30pm


Hear from Fort Worth’s new Historic Preservation Officer, 1 LU


Learning Objectives:

  1. The participant will review the history and philosophies of key preservation principles
  2. The participant will understand how preservation principles are used to inform design decisions
  3. The participant will identify three key nationally-recognized preservation principles directly associated with a recent design project that they have been involved
  4. The participant  will appraise a design project against the rehabilitation guidelines of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties

CANCELLED! CES – Thin-Clad Stone Design

To Be Rescheduled….

Thu, April 20, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

600 East Rosedale Street


Arriscraft replicates Nature and produces a unique (worldwide) stone product that is a high density, severe weathering, and fine-grained product called Calcium Silicate Stone. Once produced, the units can be hand chiseled, dressed or otherwise worked using “old world” stone techniques. Arriscraft products can now be used in Thin-Clad veneer applications offering an unparalleled range of shape, configurations, color, speed of installation, durability and controlled costs. “THIN-CLAD STONE DESIGN” is a 1-hour presentation worth 1 HSW Learning Units. Topics Covered: We will discuss 2 distinct installation systems and the wide variety of potential uses for Thin-Clad Stone materials. These uses will cover both interior and exterior veneer applications. The presentation will focus on both adhered masonry and “clipped” or anchored veneers.

Specifically we will focus on:

• Adhered Masonry Veneers Both Exterior and Interior

• Clipped or Anchored Back Drained and Ventilated Rainscreen Applications (Sealed or Open)

• Retrofit Applications • Barrier Walls, Drainage Plane Walls, Insulated Drainage Plane Walls, Back Drained and Ventilated Rainscreen Walls, and SB- 10/ASHRAE 90.1 Compliant Wall Design, Super Flexible Polymer Fortified Mortars and why the Metal lath and Scratch Coat adhered veneer method is inferior and a thing of the past

Learning Objectives:

• To understand the mechanism of quarried stone formation

• To understand how Calcium Silicate Stone is created and how the production process is similar to quarried stone formation

• To identify 2 distinct systems for installing Thin-Clad Stone materials (Adhered Veneers and Rainscreen Veneers)

• Identify Thin-Clad wall design systems that are applicable for the particular building design, climate, codes etc… (i.e. face sealed walls, drainage plane assemblies, insulated drainage plane assemblies, and SB-10/ASHRAE 90.1 compliant wall assemblies) • To recognize the overall design versatility of Thin-Clad Stone as a cladding material • To understand the benefits of using Calcium Silicate Materials (i.e. Green benefits)

CES- INSTALL and Tarkett Partner for Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) Health Care

April 11  3:30-5:30pm, 1.5 LU

North Texas Training Center

1901 Susan Drive

Arlington, Texas 76010

INSTALL and Tarkett are partnering on the subject of designing health care settings to prevent infection. The course entitled, “Infection Control Risk Assessment Best Practices for Healthcare Construction,” is designed to fill the void in education for architects designing flooring for health care facilities.

CES- Function and Form in Waterproof Decking

March 28 12-1pm, 1 LU/HSW

Function & Form in Waterproof Decking
This course will provide attendees with a detailed description of the various application techniques to correctly waterproof plywood and concrete decks and will focus on materials, techniques and decorative aesthetics.
Learning Objectives:
• Identify appropriate flashing materials and placement when waterproofing plywood decks.
• Examine the beneficial factors of a bonded deck system versus floating systems.
• Define proper methods for waterproofing a plywood deck to receive tile, stone or concrete.
• Explore the various decorative finishes available for waterproof deck coatings.

Building Science Expo Feb. 18th

Building Sciences Expo 2017 FlyerCES- Sustainable Site Pavement Systems

November 8, Noon-1pm

IDEA Works -FW 600 East Rosedale Street Fort Worth, TX 76104

This program will discuss design applications for projects utilizing permeable pavement systems and their specifications for construction. The concept for improved land planning with the use of open graded aggregate for underground stormwater storage. Also learn design applications for LEED projects utilizing permeable pavement systems, as well as the benefit in utilizing a pavement system with the longest design life available.

The Presenter: Chad Angerstein Architectural Sales – Oldcastle Architectural Texas AIA Provider Number: J374, Program Number: SS101, Credits: 1 SD/HSW CEU ASLA LA CES – 1PDH, Course Code: OldCasArch SS101 GBCI Course ID 90006649, Credits: 1 GBCI CE Unit ICPI – 1 CE credit for ICPI Certified Installers

CES- Storm Shelters

December 6, Noon-1pm

IDEA Works-FW 600 East Rosedale Street Fort Worth, TX 76104

This course will discuss the Storm Shelter provisions (Section 423) of the 2015 International Building Code, the design of storm shelters per ICC 500, and the impact of including a storm shelter in K-12 schools. The following items will be discussed:

  • Tornado Patterns
  • Storm Shelter Definitions
  • IBC Section 423- Storm Shelters
  • ICC 500; Design and Construction of Storm Shelters
  • Impact of Section 423 on K-12 School design

CES-Lasers, Analysis, and a Chapel: Capturing a Masterpiece of Modernism

December 13, Noon-1pm

IDEA Works-FW 600 East Rosedale Street Fort Worth, TX 76104

The focus of this class is on reality capture, modeling, and simulation of the US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, an iconic existing building, prior to major renovations.  This project has been shared at various stages of progress at TxA, RTC, Greenbuild, Midwest University and Autodesk University.  Here’s more detail from TxA 2015:

2015 IECC Residential & Commercial Energy Code Updates Workshop- 3 HSW credits

August 18, 1:30-4:30pm

TEXO Office, 417 Fulton Street

Workshops are sponsored and approved by the Texas State Energy Conservation Office, and are presented by Apple Energy Group, an experienced project management, and training & continuing  education provider for the energy efficiency industry.

This fall the 2015 Energy Code will become law throughout Texas.  The State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) selected Apple Energy Group to teach energy code classes throughout the state since February, a flyer is attached.  The class is free and attendees receive a free new 2015 IECC book, full color hand outs and CEUs for ICC, AIA (HSW credits), NACHI, ASHI and BPI.

The class considers significant changes in commercial codes from 2009 to 2015, available paths to compliance, building science principles, 3rd Party inspection/testing/commissioning and dealing with local AHJs.

North Texas Disaster Action Committee Meeting

August 29, 12:00pm

IdeaWorks FW, 600 E. Rosedale St

Join us for lunch and an information session when called to action for disaster relief


CES- Creating Healthy Offices

October 6, 12:00pm

Idea Works FW, 600 E. Rosedale St. 

Are you wondering why you feel sluggish and uninspired at work? Could the problem be your environment; specifically, your chair? In this course we will examine the divide between our body’s need to be in motion and the technological era that ties most of us to a desk and a chair for hours at a time. We will explore the benefits of sit and stand environments. We will learn about the positive effects a sit-stand office can have on your health, creativity and also your waist line. We will outline specific recommendations that you can implement for yourself and on your next design project.


By end of the course the participants will be able to:

– Outline top health effects on the human body caused by prolonged sitting

– List the economic effects associated with extended sitting

– Develop and create healthier offices using recommendations as addressed in the course

– Be able to describe benefits of a sit-stand environment as it pertains to employees well-being, productivity and engagement


Slavka Younger

The Innovative Building Products & Green Technology

(by American Trade Solutions)

October 11, 8:00am – 5:30pm
Venue Pending



  • Sound Control in Construction
  • Maximizing Design of Patio Doors
  • Introduction to coatings
  • Introduction to Water Source Heat Pumps


  • Benefits of Impermeable Concrete & Permanent Impermeable Repair Materials
  • Acetylated Wood: Durable, Stable, Sustainable Wood for Windows Doors & Siding
  • Air, Water and Moisture Management in the Light Commercial Building Envelope
  • Challenge and Solutions for Tile Installation