Canstruction Citywide Competitions are annual events where design industry professionals compete building structures made out of full cans of food which goes to feed the hungry. Visit for more information!


Past Events

The 2016 Canstruction® Fort Worth Winners


People’s Choice Award

There are 11 Structures this year, Cast your vote for your favorite structure! $5.00 per vote.

All proceeds go to the Tarrant Area Food Bank

Online Voting Open October 16 – October 23, 2016 at 3:00pm


Honorable Mention

Freese & Nichols
Title: Unite and Fight for the Hungry!
Can Count: 7500
Ingredients: Black beans, Kidney Beans, Baked Beans, Sweet cream corn and Tuna

Join me, Captain America, in the fight to shield North Texans from hunger and food insecurity! The strength of this community isn’t in buildings of brick and steel. It’s in the hearts of those who have sworn to fight for the hungry. Together, you and I will confront and defeat hunger in North Texas. We can all be super heroes if we are brave enough to help our neighbors in need.


Best Meal

Level 5 Design Group
Title: United We CAN
Can Count: 3650
Ingredients: Vegetable Bean Soup, Mixed Vegetables, Pinto beans, Garbanzo beans, Black beans, Diced tomatoes, Chicken broth, Beef Broth.

To best represent the theme of “United We Stand” , We designed our structure to show people of all colors, uniting together hand-in-hand, to stand as one. Standing as one, to end hunger one can at a time, because… United We CAN!


Structural Ingenuity

Title: “GIVE”
Can Count: 3,180
Ingredients: Ranch Style Beans, Spaghetti rings pasta

I Give One Can. Can I Give One? One Can I Give. Give One I Can! I Can Give One!! No matter how you say it, the message is simple and important . With over 1.9 million people in Tarrant County, the simple act of giving one can would go a long way in helping the Tarrant Area Food Bank to achieve their mission: Empowering communities to eliminate hunger by providing food, education and resources through innovation and collaboration. Through collaboration we as a community have the power to eliminate hunger for the 1 in 4 children who live in food-insecure households. So repeat after us, I Give One Can, to make a difference in the 53,000 households served monthly by the Tarrant Area Food Bank.


Best Use of Labels 

Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford
Title: Batman & Superman
Can Count: 3100
Ingredients: Hunt’s tomato sauce, Gebhardt refried beans, Bush’s black beans, Trappey’s black eyed peas

Super Heroes Unite! In the colossal battle against hunger, we have a personal vendetta against empty dinner tables. Hurling cans of food toward a solution; we are united in its Mission to bring an end to the problem of hunger in Tarrant County. When the problem is as devastating as hunger, even sworn enemies will come together to defeat it. In this structure, Batman and Superman set their differences aside to join forces for good!


Juror’s Favorite

Title: Honoring Our heroes
Can Count: 3068
Ingredients: Ranch Style Beans, Bush’s Black beans, Del Monte Green Beans, Chef Boyardee overstuffed beef ravioli, refried beans, Hominy, starkist tuna, Chicken of the sea tuna, chicken of the sea pink salmon

There are over 1 million service members, 800,000 police officers and 400,000 Firefighters serving the United States today. These first responders carry the weight of our security on their shoulders; we aim to support them by helping fight hunger in our community.

For questions about participating or volunterring with Canstruction in Fort Worth contactTom Perez- SDA Canstruction Co-Chair  (682) 444-6590