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2015 Design Awards Juror- Bill Aylor, AIA

credit: Josh Huskin

Associate Partner at Lake|Flato Architects, Bill Aylor began his design career working with O’Neil Ford in San Antonio on the nationally recognized McNay Modern Art Museum. There he also met and became friends with David Lake and Ted Flato. Bill then spent five years painting and printmaking in Guanajuato, Mexico, until he moved to Dallas to work at the Dallas Museum of Art, designing exhibits and managing the construction of the Hamon Building and the Museum of the Americas. Bill continued a private practice in Dallas until returning to San Antonio in 1997 to join Lake|Flato.

Bill has been involved in many of Lake|Flato’s award-winning projects such as the transformative renovation of the University of Texas at Austin Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center and the UT Visual Arts Center. Most recently, Bill’s design and research have focused extensively on the Porch House, Lake|Flato’s exploration of modular design based on a library of factory-constructed, living and sleeping concepts. Bill’s designs for Porch House reflect a confluence of the art of building, science of sustainability and love for the natural landscape. He is currently working on various Porch House projects across the country as well as the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation Conservation Center for the new Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Bill Aylor, AIA is a juror for this year’s AIA FW Design Awards. To learn more about, and apply for the Design Awards click here.

View examples of  Aylor’s design work below.


2001 Odyssey photo credit: Casey Dunn


2001 Odyssey photo credit: Casey Dunn


2001 Odyssey photo credit: Casey Dunn


Bluffview photo credit: Casey Dunn


Bluffview photo credit: Casey Dunn


Bluffview photo credit: Casey Dunn