A message from TxA President Larry Speck, FAIA

A message from President Larry Speck, FAIA
Texas Society of Architects (TxA)

May 7, 2013

RE: AIA Repositioning

In order for all of our voices to be stronger and louder, the Texas Architects Board of Directors spent the better part of two days at our spring board meeting crafting a response to AIA President Mickey Jacobs’ letter requesting feedback on national AIA Repositioning. Because representatives from our various AIA chapters in Texas were present at the April meeting we tried to make our response reflect a composite perspective from around the state, feeling that if we spoke with solidarity it might have consequence beyond what would come from each of us being one voice among all the chapters across the country.

If your chapter could see its way clear to endorse this composite position that would be great! If you have substantial disagreement, we certainly understand. The chapter representatives in attendance at our April board meeting were key players in developing this document, speaking for the interests of your chapter, so we hope this will strike a positive chord.

Please keep in mind that we considered this a letter to national AIA that primarily outlined repositioning we thought appropriate for them. The letter from Mickey Jacobs was a little ambiguous about whether they were asking about priorities for all of us at all levels of the AIA or whether it was aimed more at national AIA. Because it was from national and addressed back to national we took the position that it should be feedback to them.

Attached please find a copy of our May 7, 2013 letter to President Mickey Jacobs, in a Word document (without TxA logo and signature). If your chapter wants to endorse this position, please put it on your letterhead and have your president (or other appropriate party) fill in the signature line and sign the letter. You can send it directly to Mickey Jacobs, but please, also send us a copy.

We would appreciate knowing what you decide to do in any event.

Thank you.
Larry Speck, President
Texas Society of Architects
The Voice for Texas Architecture


Here is a Link to the PDF of the Letter