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Posted 8-15-19

Architect-in-Training – Ibañez Shaw Architecture

We are a small design firm housed in a former auto repair facility on the edge of downtown Fort Worth. We’re looking for a recent graduate with 0-3 years experience.

Because we are a small studio you will frequently meet our clients and often participate in meetings.

You will need to do many things- design, details, presentations. But most importantly, you will be required to think.

You should know that you will be working directly with both of the firm Principals. If you prefer three layers of management above you, there are better places to work.

Also, we have no HR department, so if you require lots of rules and forms in order to do your job, you should look elsewhere.

We offer benefits, but we don’t have a softball team.

Required: a degree from an accredited university (although we will consider current students and a passion for architecture.

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About Ibañez Shaw Architecture

Based in Fort Worth, Texas and founded by Gregory Ibañez, FAIA, and Bart Shaw, FAIA, Ibañez Shaw Architecture operates from the basic belief that everyone deserves great design. Driven by boundless optimism and creative pragmatism, Ibanez Shaw believes that bold, enlightened design elevates the soul and enriches communities, and, therefore, crafts distinctive, sustainable, and elegant designs that not only meet the needs of our clients, but also respond to broader civic and social ambitions. This is true no matter the project’s type, scale or location.

As a boutique design firm, Ibanez Shaw prides itself on sustained principal involvement through the lifecycle of every project. The firm guides its clients through a transformative process to create architecture that provides rich personal experiences and positive community impact. Ibanez Shaw has received significant and consistent design recognition, including local, national, and international design awards from organizations such as the American Institute of Architects, International Interior Design Association, and Americans for the Arts.