Ballots Approved

At the last Chapter Program we recieved the required number of yes votes to approve next years Executive Committee, as well as pass the proposed ammendment.

Next years Executive Committee is as follows.


PRESIDENT-ELECT Chad Davis, AIA President-Elect

SECRETARY Kris Calvert, AIA Secretary

TREASURER Amanda Schulte, AIA Treasurer

VICE PRESIDENT – COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSIONER Norman Ward, AIA Vice President – Communications Commissioner

VICE PRESIDENT – EDUCATION COMMISSIONER John Earley, AIA Vice President – Education Commissioner

VICE PRESIDENT – HONORS COMMISSIONER Brandon Burns, AIA Vice President – Honors Commissioner

TSA DIRECTOR (2 year term)  Matt Green, AIA

PUBLIC MEMBER DIRECTORMike Brennan, Fort Worth South Public Member Director  

INTERN/ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR  Cory Griffin, AIA Intern/Associate Director   


Greg Ibanez, FAIA will assume the office of  President, Don Gatzke, AIA will continue as UTA/Dean Director until a new Dean is selected, Don Gatzke, AIA will serve as Past President/Director.


BYLAWS AMENDMENT:  ARTICLE IV. Officers and Directors

Section 11.  Intern/ Associate Director

Subject:                      Change the title of the Intern/ Associate Director

Background:               There are currently two positions on the board that an Associate member can fill.  Changing the title of this position to Emerging Professional provides greater flexibility and the ability to encourage/ engage emerging professionals as National AIA defines the term: architect members licensed 10 years or less and associate members.

Article IV. Officers & Directors  

Section 11. Intern/Associate Emerging Professional Director The Intern/Associate Emerging Professional Director shall be an Emerging Professional per National AIA’s definition of Emerging Professional, a member licensed 10 years or less or an Associate member.  They shall perform the duties assigned to this person by the Executive Committee. In the event that the Intern/Associate Director shall become licensed during their term of office, he/she may continue to serve through the end of the current term.