Canstruction Fort Worth Winners!

Congratulation to the 2013 Canstruction® Fort Worth Winners. It was another successful year with some inspiring constructions.

Click Here for Images of the 2013 Fort Worth Canstruction Winners

Honorable Mention 1

“Slay the Hunger DraCAN”
In a land not so far away lived a Hunger DraCAN. The Hunger DraCAN roamed from town to town depriving North Texans of food. The Hunger DraCAN was known for targeting 1 in 6 individuals and 1 in 4 children in North Texas Counties. Tarrant County is one of 19 counties in the nation with a Hunger DraCAN targeting more than 100,000 children. Please help CANstruction and Tarrant Area Food Bank rise up, slay the Hunger DraCAN, and free the hungry North Texans. Through CANstruction, local food drives, and monetary donations we CAN hunt down and fight the Hunger DraCAN.

Best Meal

Put Hunger 6 Feet Under
Boo! Hunger is a modern day Boogieman frightening adults and children throughout Tarrant County. On a day to day basis, this monster lurks in many people’s pantries, refrigerators, and cabinets denying the proper nutrition and sustenance needed to survive. It is time to band together and undertake the mission to bury this Boogieman, fill the kitchen, and once and for all……‘Put Hunger 6 Feet Under’

Best Use of Labels

Level 5 Design Group
CAN You Make a Splash?The Fort Worth Zoo welcomed two new baby elephants this year! Belle and Bowie are creating quite the buzz around town. Join the heard and head to the zoo to watch them cool off in their play pool. Help us celebrate new life and make a splash for hunger here in our own community!

Structural Ingenuity

Stomp Out Hunger!
Fighting hunger in Tarrant and surrounding counties is an enormous task. That’s why HKS Ft. Worth has enlisted the help of Hank, the elephant. Hank is an enormous creature with an enormous heart and he’s going to use some of his enormous strength to help us STOMP out HUNGER!! With the contributions of Hank, and our wonderful sponsors, we hope to help make an enormous difference in the lives of hungry people in our community.

Juror’s Favorite

Bennett Benner Pettit
New 7th Street Bridge
A Bridge to the End of Hunger in Tarrant County!

People’s Choice Award

The Hunger Game
“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!”