Architect Membership

Architect Membership Application (click link for pdf)

Individuals who are licensed to practice architecture in the United states are invited to be a part of the leading organization representing the interests of the profession, The American Institute of Architects (AIA).

One of the advantages of being a licensed architect member of the Institute is the use of the AIA credentials, identifying you as part of the community of architecture. AIA members adhere to AIA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and are required to strengthen their knowledge of the profession through continuing education requirements.

These are a few ways AIA membership adds value to your professional life:

  • Members Section
    Exclusive area of the web site dedicated to the AIA member community.
  • Educational Programs
    Fulfill mandatory continuing education requirements and attend AIA’s conventions and workshops–without leaving your office!  AIA eclassroom offers courses for CES credits that can be taken at your convenience.  AIA members receive a discounted price.  Not sure how many credits you have accumulated? Members can check their CES transcriptsat any time.
  • Emerging Professionals Companion
    The EPC can be a powerful tool in encouraging lifelong learning and research among architects. Additionally, architects who work with interns as they complete the Companion exercises and scenarios will find that they will gain knowledge that will enhance their own practice.
  • AIA Contract Documents
    Members receive a discount of approximately 10% when purchasing AIA Contract Documents software. AIA Contract Documents are recognized as the industry standard.
  • Local and state chapters
    300 state and local chapters serve AIA members around the country. Currently the AIA has chapters located in Hong Kong, Continental Europe, and the United Kingdom.  Local chapter participation provides members the opportunity to network with peers while keeping you connected with issues that affect their business locally. Visit your local chapter web site to learn more about networking activities, educational seminars, and regional updates.
  • AIA Government Affairs
    Keeping you up to date with changes in government that affect you, your livelihood, and how you practice architecture. AIA provides the voice for the architectural professional that reaches Capital Hill, your state legislature, and your city council. Members have the opportunity to receive the bi-weekly electronic newsletter,The Angle providing news and analysis on Capital Hill, Government agencies and state/local activity.
  • Publications and Resources
    Membership includes a subscription to Architectural Record, a McGraw_Hill CONSTRUCTION publication, the magazine of the AIA.  Members also receive the electronic publication AIArchitect, the weekly newsletter of the AIA which includes the institute’s upcoming events.
  • Knowledge Communities
    Otherwise known as primary interest areas, AIA members may join any of the many Knowledge Communities. KC’s provide access to in-depth information, services, knowledge, and career needs for your particular areas of architectural practice. Online eNewsletters feature news briefs, competition and event updates, and insights on emerging trends in the design profession.
  • AIA Trust
    The AIA Trust serves members in areas essential to your livelihood as a professional. quality insurance, financial benefits, and legal services are just some of the programs they offer.
  • AIA Advantage
    The AIA Advantage program offers you special benefit programs, savings, and discounts for your practice and your family.
  • AIA Mentoring Program
    The American Institute of Architects (AIA) offers a series of mentoring tools to help you be an effective mentor as well as to find one. These programs are a collaborative effort of the AIA national Mentoring Task Group and numerous contributors from within and outside of the profession of architecture.
  • AIA Media Realations Support Center
    This center is intended to be a robust tool to aid you in implementing effective media relations efforts in your local and regional market

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