Each year local architects, designers, contractors and engineers across the country build creative structures for a cause during Canstruction. Members of the Fort Worth chapters of the Society for Design Administration and The American Institute of Architects sponsor the local event. These generous partners use canned and boxed foods to build the structures and donate those items to Tarrant Area Food Bank at the end of the event.


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2020 Theme: Closing the Book on Hunger

Congratulations to the 2019 Canstruction Winners!

2019 Theme: A Marvel End to Hunger
The official numbers are in for the 2019 CANstruction Fort Worth Competition!
1. 20,408 lbs of food donated by 11 Amazing Teams
2. $4,226 in People’s Choice Votes = 6 lbs per dollar = 25,356 lb
3. Grand Total of 45,764lbs!!!!

MOST CANS Winner – “Illuminating Hope” by Freese & Nichols

BEST ORIGINAL DESIGN Winner! – “WA-CAN-DA Forever!” by Rogue Architects

BEST USE OF LABELS Winner – “Knocking Hunger Out in Tarrant County, Texas” by Tarrant County College, South Campus

People’s Choice Winner: “Illuminating Hope” By Freese & Nichols

STRUCTURAL INGENUITY Winner: “Quitting Hunger Cold Turkey” by Huitt~Zollars

BEST MEAL Winner: “Blasting Away Hunger” by Orcutt Winslow

Congratulations to the 2018 Canstruction Winners!

Structural Ingenuity

Bennett Benner Partners

Title: Big Impact Bold Vision: Virtual Reality

Can Count: 3250

Ingredients: 1910 Red Gold Diced Tomatoes, 1140 Organics Garbanzo Beans,200 Signature Low Sodium Dark Red Kidney Beans

Over the past 20 years of Canstruction, the world has seen incredible technological growth. In recent years, one of these technologies that have had a BIG IMPACT not just as a video game device, but also in the world of architecture has been the advent of virtual reality. We’ve got a BOLD VISION of a future where this technology will take over.

Best Meal

Rogue Architects

Title: Crushing Hunger into Extinction

Can Count: 3,140

Ingredients: Del Monte Leaf Spinach 350 Cans, Del Monte Sweet Peas 350 Cans, Healthy Choice – Chicken with Rice 200 Cans, Chicken of the Sea Tuna 900 Cans, Del Monte – Summer Crisp Kernel Corn 25 Cans, V8 – Original Vegetable Juice 25 Cans, Bush’s – Original Baked Beans 350 Cans, Bush’s Baked Beans 120 Cans, Bush’s – Grillin Beans 120 Cans, Bush’s – Grillin Southern Pit BBQ 120 Cans, Bush’s – Baked Beans Maple Bacon 90 Cans, Chicken Breast 220 cans, Ranch Style – BBQ Beans 10 Cans, Hunts – Diced Tomatoes 130 Cans, Sweet White Corn 130 Cans

One of the most thrilling parts of any dinosaur movie is that moment when a giant T-rex foot fills the screen and crushes everything in its way. If only hunger were as easy to crush as the cars and trees in the dino’s path. Our structure is a physical embodiment of the strength we all possess to be hunger-crushers. Collectively, we can work together to help end hunger in Tarrant County by donating to those in need, supporting our local food banks with our time and funds, and supporting companies that make sure their employees are paid a living wage, allowing them to healthily feed their families.

Best Use of Labels

Tarrant County College-South Campus                          

Title: Kickin’ Hunger

Can Count: 3000

Ingredients: Tuna Cans

Hunger in Tarrant County exists from one end of the county to the other. It impacts so many peoples’ lives: young and old. Overcoming this challenge takes the effort of all the people working together to eliminate hunger or as our display expresses: KICKIN’ HUNGER OUT OF TARRANT COUNTY.

What can we do in our local communities to end hunger? Our CANstructure – an image of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee illustrates one of his kicks – representing our effort to eliminate…or KICK HUNGER out of our Tarrant County. This is a call for all county residents to rally together and to seriously begin to end hunger. Let this be a new Tarrant County legacy by enabling our people to not go hungry, thus, KICKING HUNGER OUT OF TARRANT COUNTY.

Best Original Design


Title: Surf’s Up Pikachu! Fighting Hunger for 20 years.

Can Count: 5844

Ingredients: (2,808) Gebhardt Refried Beans, (1,272) Bush’s Black Beans, (360) Great Value Sliced Potatoes, (1,152) Great Value Cut Green Beans, (192) RanchStyle Beans, (60) Hunt’s Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes (1,776) Great Value Spaghetti

For twenty years Pikachu has been battling by land, air, and sea with a big heart and a electric shock. Let’s help him surf to end Hunger in Tarrant County, and the world

Most Cans


Title: The Power of &

Can Count: 8,016

Ingredients: Great Value – Whole Kernel Corn, Great Value – Cut Green Beans, Great Value – Sliced Carrots, Great Value – Peas & Diced Carrots


You & Me……………Us & Them…………Feed the Hungry & Provide Programs. Help Families & Communities Thrive…………..Stop Hunger & Change Lives   50,000 Individuals in a Week & 53,000 Households in a Month

Food Source & Vital Partnerships……….Donors & Volunteers………..Me & You

It is hard to put into words how scary food insecurity can be for families. Since late 1990 there has been a nearly 60% increase in people going hungry including children and senior citizens. One person cannot solve this problem, but when you include “&” the solution becomes manageable and hopefully reversible. Tarrant County Food Bank does so much with their partners, their volunteers and their donors. They will continue to help our neighbors, our friends and our colleagues with their team & you……

People’s Choice

VLK Architects

Title: Edna Mode and Guest

Can Count: 804

Ingredients: Ranch Style Pinto Beans –432, Signature Select Chili No Beans – 12, Signature Kitchen Chili Beans – 180, Wolf Brand Chili with Beans – 12, Hunts Diced Fire-Roasted Tomatoes – 84, Organics Chili Beans – 12, Del Monte Sliced Peaches

Our structure must be “Simple, elegant, yet bold…” to “…Confront the problem! Fight! Win!” if we are to make a bold impact on hunger, says Edna Mode in Hero’s Weekly. She also stated “No Capes!” are needed for this mission.