AIA FW Barbecue Cook-Off


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General Requirements:

  • All Teams in the BBQ Cook-Off must have pre-registered and paid the $25 Entry Fee required for each meat category entered to compete – briskets, pork ribs and/or chicken. Space is limited.
  • Teams may check in the evening before, Wednesday, October 7th @ 7 PM, or the morning of the event, Thursday, October 8th @ 7 AM.  Each Team will be provided a space of approximately 30’x30’ to set up and cook in, with spaces assigned on a first come/first served basis.  All cooking facilities, rigs, props or show articles will be at the discretion of each Cooking Team, but must fit within the assigned space. Once set up, all vehicles must be parked outside the cooking area in the designated area.
  • There is no electricity or water available at these spots.
  • Cooking of meat entries can be done on a wood or wood substance cooker of any design.  No gas or electric grills are allowed for meat entries, but may be used for the preparation of sides at the discretion of each team.  No holes, open fires, or dug pits will be allowed.
  • Each Team will provide all their own products and supplies, including meats, seasonings, cooking equipment and cleaning area for wash, rinse, and sanitation.  Each Team should have a fire extinguisher on-hand and take appropriate precautions to prevent any fire threat.
  • Each Team is responsible for observing prudent temperature and sanitary requirements, and is responsible for keeping the contest area clean and policed before leaving.


Rules and Regulations:

  • Each Cook-Off Team will consist of a Chief Cook and up to 4 assistant cooks.
  • All Meat Entries must be prepared and cooked on-site in the designated cooking area.  No pre-marinating, pre-cooking, or pre-spicing prior to the official start time of 7:00 AM, Thursday, October 8th.
  • BLIND JUDGING:  Each Team will be assigned a symbol at check-in, and the containers provided to each Team will be identified with this symbol.  All Meat Entries will be delivered by the Chief Cook in the official containers to the designated turn-in point per the schedule below.
  • Each Team is to submit one container for each meat/registered category for judging.  Each container should have a sufficient amountfor each judge to have a bite or two of the offering.  Anything placed in the container that identifies the team will cause the entry to not be scored.
  • Barbeque will be judged on presentation, aroma, texture and taste, and at the discretion of each judge.
  • After all Meat Entries have been submitted for judging, the remaining will be donated to the Event for the evening dinner for the Sporting Clay Classic participants.  All necessary plates, eating utensils, napkins and beverages will be provided by the Event.

Meat and Cooking of Meat:

  • There are 3 Meat Categories:  Chicken, Pork Spare Ribs and Beef Brisket.  Each Cook-Off Team may register for any one or all categories.  There will be awards for each category, and one ‘BBQ Meat Master’ that will be awarded to the Cook-Off Team with the most overall points/highest aggregate score.
  • Each Meat submitted will be judged in four categories: 1) presentation/appearance, 2) aroma, 3) texture and 4) taste.   The scoring will be based on a point system, from 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) for each category.  There will be 3-5 judges, and the scores from each judge will be tallied for the total scores for each entry.
  • Product may be presented with or without sauce or seasonings.
  • Time Line/Turn-In Schedule:

7:00 PM Wed or 7:00 AM Thurs     Check-In

7:00 AM                                               Official Start Time

3:30 PM                                               Chicken

4:00 PM                                               Pork Spare Ribs

4:30 PM                                               Beef Brisket

5:30 PM                                               Awards Presentation


  • CHICKEN:  Each Team is to prepare 4 Whole Chickens, each cut into ½ portions.  A ½ portion is to be submitted for judging, the remaining will be donated to the Event.
  • PORK SPARE RIBS:  Each Team is to prepare 2 Racks of Ribs, with 3-5 ribs submitted for judging, one rib per judge, the remaining ribs will be donated to the Event.
  • BEEF BRISKET:  Each Team is to prepare 2 Beef Briskets, 20-30 pounds per team.  Portions not submitted for judging will be donated to the Event.
  • SIDES/DESSERT:  Each Team is to provide at least one side or a dessert to feed 20-30.
  • GARNISHES/ADDITIONAL OFFERINGS:  Garnishes or any other additional offerings that the Team wishes to donate to the Event are at the discretion of Team.
  • ADDITIONAL AWARD CATEGORIES:  In addition to the judged Meat Entries, there will be a ‘Shooters’ Choice’ Award, presented to the Cook-Off Team that is selected by the participating shooters of the Event.




 Select each category that you would like to compete in.

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