Implementation Plan

1)   Statement of Purpose – The AIA is a visionary membership organization providing advocacy, leadership and resources for architects to design a better world, through creative design solutions and  transforming goals into realities.

2)    Organizational Reassessment –

a)    Leadership tenure and agenda,

b)    Board size and composition,

c)    Component autonomy versus unity,

d)    Component structure,

e)    Lack of tier coordination,

f)     Prioritization of initiatives,

g)    Engaging emerging professionals,

h)    Passive reactiveness,

i)      Resource allocation,

j)      Inefficacy of communications.


3)    Implementation Plan

a)    AIA Governance review, recommendations by Dec. 2013,

b)    Repositioning Ambassadors, two per region to award/administer Innovation Fund grants and provide guidance in setting AIA wide priorities,

c)    Member Service – study underway to study delivery of member benefits and services, define roles and responsibilities for resource sharing, and finalize recommendations for Board action by Spring 2014.

d)    Innovation Fund for implementation of programs addressing one of the10 recommendations.

e)    Prioritizing AIA Efforts thru member recommendations through Town Hall meetings.

f)     Emerging Professional Summit – November 2013 for recommendations to be adopted in 2014.

g)    Research: Gender and inclusiveness – funded and completed study in 2014 to generate an action plan.

h)    Communications Audit by Q3 2013 – Strategy for communication vehicles.

James R. Nader, FAIA