Presidents Message – February 2013


What’s new now?


Welcome to the new AIA Fort Worth website!


Those of you who have been involved with AIA FW, already know about all the activity going on inside our chapter, the state and even National AIA.  At every level, we are trying to make our member organization more meaningful and valuable to all of the members.  Not just those who have been involved for a very long time.


And we have several new things going on, including our social media development.  The most noticeable change will be our expanded hours at the Center for Architecture.  And that is thanks to our new assistant, Shelby Meier – if you have not met him, please stop by and say hello.  Alesha has started visiting firms to get to know the local architecture community, to promote activities, and encourage participation.  With all of the activities offered at the Center, I expect our participation to gain significant momentum this year.  We have a plethora of committees, events, meetings, continuing education opportunities, exhibits, lectures, and tours.   The opportunity has never been better than now.


Our new committees include:   the Committee on Design, Political Relations, Happy Hour (a.k.a Pau Hana), Website, and most importantly, the TxA Convention (in Fort Worth this year).  IF ANYONE HAS AN IDEA FOR A NEW COMMITTEE OR ACTIVITY, IT IS A PHONE CALL, EMAIL OR “STOP BY” AWAY.  I would love to see architects coming together to form an activity such as Co-Ed softball team, kickball team, running group, or bicycle group this year.  Suzie Adams often mentioned the “old days” when the chapter had family picnics.  The opportunities are endless, it just takes one.


The chapter is what we make of it, and we are proud of those who have stepped up this year to embark on a new opportunity.  As demonstrated by a few of our current members, it began with a desire and a request.  For anyone wanting to be involved, most of our existing committees are looking for additional help, including the Exhibits, Programs, and Design Awards Committee.  We can’t wait to see the Center filled with new faces.


I started by mentioning that AIA FW is trying to make our chapter be more meaningful and of more value to all of our members, and I do mean ALL.  The challenge is that only you can help us to know what that is, so we embrace your feedback.  Please let us know how we can further show our support.  Contact us with your ideas, hopes and your goals – tell us what can we do!!




Thank you.