Design Competition: Real Stories

Join AIA Fort Worth and CoAct North Texas for Real Stories, a design competition focusing on homelessness.



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Primary Objective

Our focus is to create a customizable virtual environment that will be used to build and share the stories from youth and college students experiencing homelessness. The space will allow the stories to be shared as written word, curated audio, video, or any other creative means students wish to use to articulate their story.

Eligible Participants

AIA members, associate AIA members, architects, artist, video game designers, engineers, and builders. Students in any of the eligible industries listed are encourage to participate.

The competition is requesting entries on the following:

Central Forum: A public gathering and meeting space that allows fellow peers to come together to share their lived experiences and record their journeys. The space will house a central interactive piece that has an individual profile (image or 3D model of significance) of each youth or student that is participating in the project. Interacting with the profile will trigger the Gallery. The forum will also encompass a small exhibit space to host unique highlights, content from our partners, or solutions that can be shared with students

Gallery: The Gallery will be akin to a blank canvas. It will be a digital art space for students and youth to build their own shows.  The Gallery should allow the students and youth to create experiences for visitors to immerse in the journey of homelessness.

Modeling Software

The digital art spaces will be hosted on Mozilla Hubs. Participants however, will not be required to use Mozilla Hubs to build their entries and are free to use any software to model their designs, given it can export to the required obj. / gitf format and preserve the material qualities. 

Choosing a Category

Participants can pick between one of the two spaces or submit separate entries for both. 


Important Dates:

November 19th, 2020 – Project Launch

November 20th, 2020 – Registration Opens, Click here to register!

December 14th, 2020 – Registration Closes

December 16th – Competition Kickoff

February 5th – Submission Deadline

February 11th – Winners Selected and Informed

February – AIA Awards Ceremony / Winners Announced

About Real Stories

There is often a daunting and false perception that comes with homelessness. When you think of this challenge, what and who comes to mind? Would you think working mother, struggling adolescent, college student, a returning veteran, or recent divorcee? As we come to better understand and empathize with our fellow peers, how might we use these shared collage of stories to change the narrative of homelessness and inspire change?

CoAct is looking for an answer to these questions through the design of an online art gallery and story sharing space. These digital environments will be the tools for youth and college students experiencing homelessness to develop and curate their stories. Through the lived experiences that we share, we hope to build a better understanding of homelessness, empower those that are effected, and incite action.

We look forward to seeing the possibilities!